Playstation 3, XBOX 360, PC

“Sound: 8.5 | The Soundtrack    was  awesome. There were a variety of different genres of music on the Soundtrack  , and it worked perfectly for the game. The Soundtrack   is packed full of a variety of different songs that will have you ready to steal cars or die trying.” | Game Zone


“The Good: great cinematic chase music. Thankfully, the music fits perfectly, with a Spanish-influenced Soundtrack   for the game’s many loading screens, and an orchestral score that adds to the urgency of the chases" | Game  Spot


“The music in Wheelman is also quite good, supplying a perfect mix of calm and heart-pounding tunes that fit the action on screen" | Cheat Code Central


“The sound track consists of orchestral tense music, and it really sets the mood of a fast-paced action thriller"

| Escapist Magazine


“The game has wonderful music that crashes you into the car chases. It is intense and pounding, and adds to the intensity and hype!” |


“What was impressive, was the game’s score. Instead of the usual sludge of generic licensed songs that plague open world games, Wheelman had an Original Soundtrack   clearly inspired by the music of the actual classic car chase films, and it perfectly captured the way a good film uses music. Tracks were purely instrumental, monumental during major car chases and then light and airy during relaxed scenes. Moving toward enemies provoked tense music, while bursts of action called for suitable bursts of brass and heavy synth bass. The music did a lot to help imagine the finished product while playing the early version, and in the final game, could prove to be a marvellous finishing touch.”  | Worthplaying | pre-release review


“The music that accompanies the title is well up to par with the game. As one would expect, the musical panorama has been boosted to the maximum on the higher tense scenes, with frenetic and addictive melodies that will get the player on his nerves.” |


2008 Most Innovative Game Asociación de Desarrolladores de Ocio Interactivo Digital


"WreckMan surprised with such a true rock and roll soundtrack, along with funky guitar riffs." | Myds


"Impressive rocking metal music tracks. Soundtrack 9,5" |


"The visuals are crisp and the novelty metal soundtrack really ties it all together nicely." |


"The atmosphere is brilliant, the music too, and somehow you are constantly playing with a grin. The entertainment factor is achieved.“ |