About Jorge & Guillermo Badolato


Jorge & Guillermo Badolato form a unique team of composers—two brothers with a passion to create music to satisfy multiple genre and mediums. Their successful and recognized body of work has encompassed film, television, interactive multimedia and advertising for over twenty years.


From their early youth, the brothers were surrounded by an artistic and creative environment of painters, writers and musicians that knew how to impress upon them the love for any artistic manifestation, and the necessity of constantly expressing themselves through their music. Their architect father and publicist mother nurtured their success further.

A major element of their success is their versatility —based on having multi-variant music training— experimentation and their ability to assimilate to their client’s vision.

With an insatiable desire to listen to all kinds and manner of music over the years, this allowed them to compose and perform on a wide musical palette of styles, with ranges from the orchestral classical world and film scoring, to the most authentic jazz, rock, blues, latin, metal, world, dance and other modern genre. Please, check the document below for full story.

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