Badolato Music was a pleasure to work with. They provided a great value for what we needed, and a very high quality of  music. They were very easy to work with, and adjusted to our requests. I would use them again in a heartbeat” -Shaun Himmerick,  producer, VIN DIESEL’S WHEELMAN, Executive Producer and Interim Studio Head, MIDWAY NEWCASTLE

“Working with Badolato Music was a complete joy. They delivered 50% of the in -game musical scores for WHEELMAN and most of the cutscene music. Their music fitted perfectly with the tense missions and atmosphere of the game . When things got tight and changes to cutscenes where needed, they re -scored the music to fit, they delivered on time and time again without one complaint. I highly recommend these guys as professional and accomplished musicians.” -Craig Beattie, Audio Director,  WHEELMAN, MIDWAY UK

Badolato Music is a great resource for contemporary as well as Spanish music for video games and film. Their focus in interactive media has allowed them to create incredible score and radio -style songs for AAA video games. Their styles blend orchestral, dance, Pop, and Spanish traditional music, in a way that is extremely compelling and unique. Badolato’s sound and quality stands above the predictable, expensive and boring composers who claim most of the video game work thes e days. Badolato follows directions in detail, and deliver on time. Finally, Badolato’s creative approach is refreshing, fun and edgy. I hope they make more music for the games that I play. Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, Creative”  -Mark T. Morrison, Business Development, UBISOFT USA; (formerly Vice President, Licensing, MIDWAY GAMES; Content Manager, ATARI)

“Recently, Fanciful Arts completed its first made-for-TV movie in which Badolato Music contributed by providing the music, sound effects and music and sound effects editing. Their contribution was fundamental to the production for many reasons. The excellent score they provided for the pilot paved the way for distribution deals that sealed the financing of the project. During the production itself, they created terrific melodies for songs, as well as providing the Soundtrack   and, as mentioned, participated creatively in the sound effects track. The end result is one of the film’s strengths, and its success can greatly be attributed to the work of Jorge and Guillermo” -Christopher Doyle, partner-producer, FANCIFUL ARTS ANIMATION


“I personally met the Badolato brothers in a cafeteria in Madrid. I needed to talk with them about the music for Fritz Chess DS Videogame, which I was producing for Gammick Entertainment S.L.. The first impression I had was as if I was talking to friends of mine. They are a pleasant pair, really enthusiastic about their work of composing music for videogames. It surprised me how quick they could understand the kind of music I liked for the game, because in short time I received at work some samples they had composed. I heard the samples and really loved them, so I simple gave them the green light to compose the rest of the music. They are very creative, controlling, very well, different music styles, and having the technical knowledge about how music is implemented on videogames (WAV, Midi...). Few months ago, I personally recommended them to Virtual Toys, the videogames company where I’m currently working. I’m really happy, once again, with the music they have composed for the game I’m currently working on. It’s just that I simply will recommend again to anyone who want to work with competent musicians.”

- Francesc Xavier Fradera,  producer, VIRTUAL TOYS

I was looking for a studio that would both create great songs and also respect some technical constraint s we had on our new DS projects. I have to say that Badolato Music met all my expectations in these areas. They have a good technical knowledge, and managed to develop their creativity so that players won’t notice musicians were given any technical limit t o the sound creation.  Working with them has been as smooth as it can be, requested changes were done quickly, compositions were always good and work was always delivered on time. Overall, Badolato is one of the best sound creation studios I’ve worked with in my 20 years in the business. I would recommend them anytime!”

- Rubén Gómez, executive producer, VIRTUAL TOYS,  Ubisoft’s videogames.


Both brothers have composed and produced tracks for our PS3 game, Elefunk, and our iPhone game, International Snooker, and in both cases produced tracks way above expectations, friendly, easy to get on with and high quality results” - Dave Vout, coowner and director, BIG HEAD GAMES LTD.